Is California’s pot mecca ready to receive visitors?

The first building we visit is the group’s pre-processing facility, high-ceilinged with epoxy floors and a long metal table cluttered with glass beakers and tubes. It smells overwhelmingly —


Humboldt County cannabiz looks back on first week of pot sales

One local cannabis manufacturing company, Humboldt Alchemy Group in Phillipsville, was the first cannabis business in the county to receive a state license —


Humboldt Alchemy Group county’s first state-licensed cannabiz

Robert Wiener and Eric Martin’s Humboldt Alchemy Group is the first Humboldt County cannabis business licensed by the state of California —

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Is Organic Cannabis a Thing?

As with anything else we put into our bodies, we want to be able to choose cannabis that has been grown without toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. But you likely won’t find a USDA Organic sticker on your marijuana flowers — 

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Bring Me the Numbers

Humboldt Cannabis Tours is seeking a special permit to create an agricultural tourism operation so visitors can check out our far-out farms, Wonderland Nursery is going for a dispensary, Humboldt Alchemy Group would like a zone—